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These programs are unique to our agency exclusively.  To inquire about one or more, please contact one of our agents by clicking HERE

Living The Dream

Our "Living the Dream" program is a very new travel concept that was drawn from, expanded and improved on from the  "bucket list" that everyone is familiar with today.  It is in the process of being patented!

What makes our package different from the "bucket list" is that we don't customize just for retirees.  Our package is customized for EVERYONE!

Click HERE to learn more or contact one of our AGENTS.

Event Planning

One of our new concepts is for you to team up with one of our certified wedding/event planners to help create the most memorable event possible.  LEARN MORE

We have teamed up with certified event planners in
each state to offer you one stop shopping.

Click HERE to see a list of Planners we have in our service and see how this program works.

Luxury Travel Club

If you are used to traveling in the lap of luxury, staying at the best hotels, flying in private planes, sailing on luxury liners or yachts then our Luxury Travel Club is for you!

For more information on how you can be a member of this exclusive travel club click HERE


Corporate Concierge

 If you have a small or mid-size company, we can handle all of your corporate travel needs.  We offer two programs, one of which will suit your needs.

No need to have your employees spend time researching for a business trip or spending money hiring someone to handle your corporate travel. 

For more information about this program, please click HERE

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