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Trace & Travel Program

One of our new concepts is for you to team up with one of our Certified Genealogists to trace your roots and travel to where your family history has begun!

This is a new and innovative idea that is only available with our agency. 

We have teamed up with Certified Genealogists throughout the US to assist you with tracing your family history.  You, can then travel to where it all began through our Living The Dream Program.

How it works:  If you are interested in having one of our Genealogists assist you with your family history you will be put in contact with that person.  You can go back as far as you want, but be aware it will take time.

Our partner Genealogist will handle all of your history as far back as you want and we will handle all of your travel needs, hotel, transfers, air, cruise, etc.

Steps of Process:

1.  Contact one of our agents to discuss your ideas and plan

2.  If you would like to institute the Trace & Travel Program we will get some basic information pass it along

3.  We will contact the Genealogist in your area and they will contact you with regards to what you will need from them and how far back you want to go. 

4.  Once completed, you will then contact your WTS Travel Agent and we will start working with you to plan where you want to travel.

5.  At this time you can institute the Living The Dream Program and set your goal!

The Trace & Travel Program is patent pending and a very new concept in travel.  Many people want to visit their family history and roots but sometimes the expense can be very high or they aren't sure how to trace their history.

With the Trace & Travel Program we help you live your dream by offering the program to our clients and assist them in achieving this goal!

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