Fun Facts About Our Franchises:

Fun Facts




Traveling is fun. Cruising is very fun. Owning a business? Well, that’s fun too. And World Travel Specialists? We practically invented fun. Take a look at some of the fun ways we’ve answered some frequently asked questions. We broke them up by category to make it easier, colorful and, well, fun.



  • Do franchises succeed? One out of every 12 businesses is a franchise. Nine out of 10 franchises succeed.

  • How do independent business fare? Eight out of 10 independent businesses fail within the first 5 years

  • Are there benefits to owning a franchise? Yes, many. It’s an established, successful brand with proven systems in place, purchasing power, shared experiences with other franchisees and training programs.

  • Is there any advantage, or buying power which can benefit me as a franchise owner? Yes! We have enormous buying power and hundreds of group inventory space coordinated by the Home Office to help our network of travel professionals.

  • Will I have credibility working out of my home? Absolutely! Home-based businesses are widely accepted these days. Plus, you will be a part of an organization that has a nationally recognized brand name.

  • Did you know you could own a franchise business you actually enjoy working? You can love what you do. And you can start today with only an investment of $8,000 which is the lowest in the industry.


Travel Industry

  • Are there any other opportunities to earn income from each sale? You can earn commissions by offering trip insurance, shore excursions, and other optional features. Plus, you can sell tour packages anywhere in the world and earn commissions.

  • Did you know a vacation is an incredible value? It’s a fact: People want to travel.

  • Haven’t people already been on a vacation? Studies find almost 34 million Americans plan on cruising in the next three years and triple that for the number of American who want to go on an air/land package.


World Travel Specialists

  • Can I contact the Home Office with questions? Our CEO has an open-door policy and you can call upon her or anyone at the Home Office at any time. 

  • Did you know that we have teamed up with the Federal Government and Military to provide preferred employment to Veterans and Military Spouses.

  • Did you know you would become a member of a family? You are when you join us.

  • Did you know World Travel Specialists has been growing by leaps and bounds?  We started out in 2009 with just one agent and now have close to 90.

  • Did you know your affiliation can speak volumes? Our CEO is on most of the cruise line advisory boards. You will have a voice in the industry.We are affiliated with IATA, CLIA, and OSSN/TRUE.

  • How do I earn income from making vacation sales? You will receive commission on each vacation sold.



  • Is there training offered? Yes! Our training is done completely online at your pace.  We offer both live and recorded webinars and if you purchase the Platinum plan you will receive a week in person training at your location.

  • What programs are there for me to use and start my business? We have several programs that are specific to our agecy such as the Living The Dream Program, Trace and Travel and more.  We offe a lead generation and website programs and proprietary accounting and customer management software. 

  • How soon can I begin to sell and make commissions? You can start booking vacations upon satisfactory completion of the training class. 

  • Are there opportunities to network with other franchise owners? Our franchise owners offer each other support, advice and friendship whenever needed. Our annual convention is more like a family reunion. 

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