One World...Endless Possibilities
Testimonials from our clients are very important
to our business and speak for themselves with
regard to our agents and how we operate.  We
strive to be the best in the business.
She asked every question needed to help her in
her efforts to help me. Jane is a great agent!
She is highly recommended by me.
-- Tina M., South Carolina, United States
Very accessable. Helped even when
there where problems at the airport
-- Keith G., New Jersey, United States
friendly and very responsive
-- cory m., Massachusetts, United
I was given your email as a contact for
a cruise to the Bahamas by a friend of
mine from here in Ireland. My friend
keeps praising how well you sorted him
and his girlfriend out and how nice you
were so i'll look forward to hearing from
you soon.
- Christian S. Irleand
"Jane responds to my emails promptly,
she is very helpful."
Feb 14, 2011 Cruiser: SMR0122
"Very professional and excellent
communication. Really went the extra
mile for me."
Jan 5, 2010 Cruiser: livetojump
Dear World Travel Specialists,

This is regarding a cruise I recently took with Azamara on the ship Journey.  Really booking it all together is the
best way to go and thankfully I did as I almost had a ruined trip.

Upon arriving at Madrid we went to the Iberia counter to obtain our boarding passes but they informed us that
flight we were booked on did not exist on the weekends.  

Obviously this concerned us greatly for the following reasons: how do we get to Barcelona, will we make it to the
ship in time, where did our luggage go.  It took several hours for our luggage to be found and it was found in
Madrid.  Both myself and my travel companion (also a travel agent) attempted to contact both the ship as well as
the local cruise line representative using the phone numbers provided in our travel documents.  Nobody ever
answered the phone. The flight was supposed to take off at 3:45 pm which would make it close but if all went well
we would make the ship.  The flight did not take off on time and so we never landed in Barcelona until 5:10 pm.

Since we were unable to contact anybody from the cruise line we called Jane Fencer, owner of World Travel
Specialists.  Jane Fencer was able to get through to the cruise line explained the events that occurred.  To make
a long story short the cruise line made arrangements (at their expense) for us to get a flight from Barcelona to
Palma De Mallorca, Spain, which was the next port for the ship.  They also made arrangements for somebody to
pick us up at the airport and bring us directly to the ship.

Once arriving at the ship we were met with what felt like open arms and treated very well.  Our luggage was in our
cabin before we were!  A representative from the ship even dialed our number in the United States so that we
could let everybody back home know that all was good and we in fact made the ship.

With all this said I just want to impress upon the cruise line how traumatic this situation was for both myself as well
as my travel companion and we are both travel agents.  Even as travel agents we needed help to correct the
situation.  This is why I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that whenever you are traveling you should use a travel agent
just in case something goes wrong.

Gwenn B and Mandy E - United States
May, 2011
Just a note to let you know that the trip
was fabulous!!  It is the vacation
against which all others will be, at best,
second best.

Thanks for all of your help and the
additional goodies.  

Steve S; Arizona
July, 2011
We had a great time at the Disney the
new boat Fantasy next year.  

M. Fernandez; Florida
September 2011
Thank You for everything . We really
enjoyed the cruise and had an
awesome time. We are looking to go
again next year.

A. Sesma, Florida
September, 2011
I asked Anne for contact information for a supervisor because, as someone who has managed a CS call
center for two Fortune 100 companies, I know good customer service when I see it. Anne goes above and
beyond in the name of doing her job, and really enjoys as such - which comes across to those of us
fortunate enough to book travel arrangements with World Travel Specialists. I booked a cruise through was
an amusing, understanding, knowledgeable employee with the personality and acumen not attained by
many in service positions. Anne has been patient, thoughtful and overly helpful throughout this process
(which I thought would end with my cruise purchase and has extended to entertainment, excursions,
transfers, and even future vacation suggestions!) and has gained a faithful customer for life. As someone
who books 4-6 vacations a year, it means a lot to me to know that I can pick up a phone or send an e-mail,
and someone like Anne is on the other end of my question/request/comment. Thank you for having such a
valuable consultant in your employ. In addition to the gifts I have purchased this year for family and friends, I
will be passing on Anne's name to everyone I encounter, which will most likely turn out to be their best
present of all!

-G Wilson, ridiculously satisfied customer
December, 2011

Forgot to tell you we did get the trip book in the
mail earlier this week. Very good information,
thank you for this and everything else you have
done for us. When we first communicated, I
complained about the lousy service our agent
provided after we booked our first and only
cruise. You, on the other hand have been just
the opposite, thank you for doing a great job.
We leave one week from today, can’t wait. Have
a good Labor Day weekend.

Michael S; Springfield, IL
August, 2012

We are on the ship,  everything is
perfect. The dining table for four has
an ocean view, with our friends. Thank
you so much for an excellent job.
You've won our loyalty!  

Mike & Vickie
They are from Springfield Illinois
September, 2012
"Arkadina -thanks for connecting with me this
evening. It was Soooooooooooooo Awesome
speaking with you and learning about your Travel
Agency and how you can make my trip possible
and Dream come true to the Poconos for me and
my husband. I have a Bucket List and the first
thing on my Bucket List is this Trip, and because
of you and your Travel Agency it will come true
and be a surprise for my husband. Appreciate you
and all that you do. You go beyond the call of
duty to get it done and make it happen. If you
don't know Arkadina by now and what she can do
and how she can help you make a dream a
reality-then give her a call, you will! :)

September 2012