One World...Endless Possibilities
Living the Dream Program!
Our "Living the Dream" program is a very new travel
concept that was drawn from, expanded and improved on
from the  "bucket list" that everyone is familiar with today.  It

What makes our package different from the "bucket list" is
that we don't customize just for retirees.  Our package is
customized for EVERYONE!

Dream" desires....I am sure we can make it happen for you!
Step 1:  create your dream
vacation list of all the places
you want to see - don't worry
about cost as you will see
below it is our job to make that
part easy for you.
Step 2:  Contact one of our
Destination Specialists to set up
a face-to-face, skype or phone
session.  Be aware the sessions
may take from 1-3 hours as we
will need to gather as much info
from you as we can.
Step 3:  The agent will work
with you to create a time line
and order of the places you
want to see and go.
Step 4:  The agent will then figure
out the cost of each package and
compile a total cost - that total cost
will then be broken down into a
monthly payment plan that is
affordable for you.
Step 5:  The agent will then
collect the deposit needed to
start the plan rolling.  At this
escrow account for your
monthly payment.
With each monthly payment you
are paying on your dreams little
by little, when it is time to book
the first trip the money will
already be in escrow and
payments will be made from the
escrow account until the trip is
the Dream" and taking
vacationYou will be at that
point "Living dreamed about at
one point.

Amanda and Eugene are working class in their mid-30's.  The read on our site about a new concept we are

They come into our office and meet with one of the agents and here is how it works.  They tell the agent of their
"bucket list" that has places like Antarctica, Africa, Tahiti, Italy/Greece/France, and a World Cruise.  They work
with the agent to put them in a list of order they want to accomplish and a future date when they want to start
traveling and say cross one off every 2 years.

They decide that in 3 years they want to cross a 20 day tour of Italy and France and a cruise to Greece.  Then in
5 years they want to do the African Safari, then in 7 years they will do the Antarctica cruise then in 9 years they
will take the world cruise, etc.

Since we can't book air or hotels more than 11 months out and cruises more than 2 years out the agent works
with them to come up with how much it will cost to do all of their trips adding 3% increase every year because
that is how much everything usually increases.

The agent then takes that total cost and breaks it down into a monthly plan for the next 9 years.  The couple put
a deposit of say $1000 down on the trips.  That money as well as their monthly payment goes into an escrow
account.  When it is time to book the Italy/France/Greece trip the agent has the money already from the client
and keeps making payments for the client until it is paid and the client can go.

The client keeps making the payments and then when the time comes to book the African Safari the same thing,
the client already has paid a large portion of it so everything runs like clockwork.  Even though the Safari is paid
off well in advance that is ok because the world cruise is very expensive so the money adds up and goes toward
paying that off.

Eventually everything is paid off and the client gets their dream vacations taken care of!
Contact us and set up your
appointment for the "Living the Dream"